ASRock B650 LiveMixer motherboard brings a splash of colour to your PC

We need more art-style boards and fewer camo-patterned ones.

ASRock B650 LiveMixer PCB

ASRock seems to be working on a unique-looking motherboard based on the mid-range and value-orientated B650 chipset for AMD’s upcoming AM5 platform.

Featuring an artistic design best described as splashes of white and yellow paint on a black PCB, the LiveMixer board is surely one to look for when Ryzen 7000 Series releases on September 27, at least style wise. While ASRock is probably only planning one colour set, it would be nice if we could get other colourways, maybe green and blue or red and orange.

Assuming that every space is filled with corresponding components, the board could have an AM5 LGA1718 socket (obviously), four DDR5 memory slots, 17-phase VRM design (maybe using doublers) taking power from two eight-pin EPS headers, four M.2 slots, one PCIe x16, and two PCIe x4 slots.

As it’s a non-Extreme variant, ASRock will have to choose which port gets PCIe 5.0 – the graphics cards or the M.2 slot. We guess the M.2, since PCIe 5.0 SSDs are right around the corner while GPUs are still not fast enough to saturate even PCIe 4.0.

For I/O, there is space for what resembles a basic audio setup with no capacitors and only three 3.5mm jacks; USB Type-C or Thunderbolt (more likely USB), four to eight other USB Type-A (some are USB 3.2), not forgetting HDMI and DisplayPort ports since AMD now ships an iGPU with Ryzen 7000 Series processors. And that’s it. There is still a lot to discover from this picture, and feel free to tell us what you have spotted.

If LiveMixer tickles your fancy, note that according to AMD, the B650 motherboard series should be available in October.