Asus offers up to £300 trade-in value when upgrading to Nvidia RTX 40 Series

Fair enough value.

Asus Up to £300 cashback

Asus UK has launched a program allowing owners to trade their old GPU for up to £300 after purchasing a new Asus RTX 4070 Ti or RTX 4080.

Purchasing a qualifying Asus RTX graphics card from a participating online retailer between February 3 and March 17, 2023, will allow those who would like to exchange their old cards – be in AMD or Nvidia – to receive between £50 and £300.

To do so, customers need to contact Asus with their proof of purchase and the GPU they wish to trade in. After which, they will receive a shipping label to mail the card. Finally, the value of the card will be sent back after its condition has been verified by Asus.

However, some conditions do apply. The trade-in graphics cards must be received in full working condition (obviously). Claims must be submitted within 15 days of the delivery date. Claims are limited to a maximum of two per person, and business purchases are excluded from this promotion. Detailed terms and conditions can be found on Asus’s website.

Interested? Here is the full list of new cards that are part of this program:

Qualifying ProductsSKU

And here is the list of eligible tradable cards:

GTX 1060£90
GTX 1070£90
GTX 1070 TI£100
GTX 1080£100
GTX 1080 TI£130
GTX 1650£55
GTX 1650 Super£65
GTX 1660£80
GTX 1660 Super£100
GTX 1660 TI£120
Radeon VII£200
RTX 2060£150
RTX 2060 Super£180
RTX 2070£200
RTX 2070 Super£230
RTX 2080£265
RTX 2080 Super£280
RTX 2080 TI£300
RTX 3050£180
RTX 3060£200
RTX 3060 TI£230
RX 5500£50
RX 5500 XT£60
RX 5600£75
RX 5600 XT£100
RX 5700£120
RX 5700 XT£150
RX 6400£85
RX 6500 XT£110
RX 6600£150
RX 6600 XT£170
RX 6650 XT£200
RX Vega 56£125
RX Vega 64£150

It’s clear that some of these prices are quite low, for example, Asus is offering £130 for GTX 1080 TI which were recently sold on eBay mostly above £200. But, on the other hand, Asus’s highest offering of £300 for RTX 2080 Ti is not that bad since these are sold around the £300 mark, with some reaching £350 or more depending on their condition.

With that said, we must keep in mind that this is a company selling new hardware, not some second-hand reseller, so the aim here is to refresh as many PCs as possible with new Nvidia RTX cards. Thus, if each card is bought at an adequate value for the owner, the operation won’t be worthwhile for Asus. Moreover, for those who don’t want to take the risk of getting scammed on eBay or whatever website they use, an established brand like Asus may be worth it, even if its best offer tops out at £300.