Budget-friendly Intel Core i3-14100 price revealed by US retailer

Someone jumped the gun.

The 12th Gen Intel Core processor.

The Intel Core i3-14100 just received its first US retail listing and it’ll cost you a cool $150. Weirdly enough, the budget-conscious, entry-level CPU has not been officially unveiled yet. Someone’s probably getting a nasty-talking to right about now.

The listing was spotted at US retailer ShopBLT for $150.24. It might not be the cream of the crop but it’s certainly a worthy component for a budget-friendly gaming build. However, do keep in mind that since it is a ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ CPU, it’s a near carbon copy of its predecessor, albeit with a tiny overclock.

ShopBLT Pricing List for Entry level Intel 13th and 14th Gen CPUs.

It also lacks the additional efficiency cores that Alder Lake and Raptor Lake are renowned for. In comparison, the i3-13100 is priced similarly at $148, which means its successor arrives about $2 more expensive. This little beasty could be slightly better thanks to its higher clock speeds.

In terms of specs, the latest chip has a base clock of 3.5GHz, and a boost clock at 4.7GHz. When compared with its predecessor, that’s a frequency uplift of 100MHz and 200MHz, respectively.

Besides this, everything else remains the same. The die packs four cores and eight threads. Each core utilises 1.25MB of L2 cache and 12MB of combined L3 cache. It supports DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 connectivity with a maximum of 20 lanes, and a TDP of 60W. Lest I forget, It has the very same Intel UHD Graphics 730 iGPU found in its older sibling. Same, same but different.

The Intel Core i3-14100 listing has since been set to unavailable for order on ShopBLT.

The Intel Core i3-14100 is still available on the retailer’s website, however it has changed to ‘unavailable for order.’ It is suggested that Intel plans on releasing the little chipset by January next year. Additionally, its non-iGPU counterpart, the i3-14100F, might follow soon after.