Check out this limited edition Fallout gaming keyboard from Ducky 

Freed from the vault.

Bethesda and Ducky have gone nuclear, coming up with a Fallout themed gaming keyboard. Inspired by the Vault Tech designs, you can now add Vault Boy’s signature wink and thumbs up to your setup. You’ll need to hurry, though.

Known for its premium keyboards, Ducky has decked one out with Fallout’s iconic blue and yellow colour scheme. 12 unique keycaps are along for the ride, six of which are based on Bethesda’s Vault Boy mascot and Fallout’s perk system.

We can already tell these keycaps are opaque and won’t let any light through. You’ll have to deal with RGB leaking from the sides instead, but that’s par for the course on upper-end builds. It also means that the keycaps are almost certainly double shot PBT and should feel fantastic to use.

We’re still waiting for the product listing to go live, but it looks like it’s based on a white Ducky One 3. This is a full-sized keyboard that uses what the brand dubs ‘Quack Mechanics’. Surprisingly, this isn’t an acronym. It simply stands for “True PBT Keycaps, Solid Stance, Authentic Acoustics, and Balanced Tuning.”

Traditional Ducky One 3 keyboards feature hot-swappable mechanical switches, a dual-layer PCB, and multi-layered sound dampening foam. The brand hasn’t changed its formula for a while, so there’s no reason to think it will with this one, if it is actually a One 3.

In the replies to its announcement tweet, Ducky says that there’s a “limited quantity,” so you won’t want to hang around too long on this one. We don’t yet know how much it’ll cost, but it’ll likely won’t be cheap. Looking at the cost of a One 3 and adding collab tax, it could be upwards of $200 / £150.