Colorful announces epic-looking CVN Icicle DDR5 memory primed for enthusiasts and overclockers

Up to 10,000MT/s via overclocking.

Colorful CVN Icicle DDR5

Colorful has revealed the rather fetching CVN Icicle DDR5-6600 memory kit featuring Hynix’s well-known A-Die ICs and competitive pricing.

Only launching in 2x16GB kits, the CVN Icicle modules are clocked at 6,600MT/s out of the box using XMP 3.0, with CL34 timings at 1.4V. But since they boast highly-overclockable chips, Colorful has demonstrated a 10,708MT/s overclock, albeit at super-relaxed 56-126-126-127-127-2 (tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-tCR) timings and using an expensive Asus ROG Maximus A790 Apex motherboard. The potential is there, of course, for those wanting to have fun without staking too much money on high-end RAM.

These frequencies will obviously be limited to Intel platforms since AMD’s AM5 is currently struggling with anything much beyond 6,000MT/s.

Colorful CVN Icicle DDR5 - RGB

The heatsink design is reminiscent of ’90s computers such as the HP Apollo 700 series workstation with funky parallel lines, meaning these modules are excellent candidates for a sleeper PC build. An addressable RGB light bar on top of the heatsink should satisfy any RGB needs through synchronisation with popular motherboards from Asus, MSI, ASRock, and Gigabyte.

Unlike many brands, Colorful indicates the type of memory ICs found inside its modules, and these are Hynix A-Die – known to be good overclockers. It’s just unfortunate that Colorful only backs them with a three-year warranty while the competition offers a lifetime. The CVN Icicle DDR5 memory also uses a 10-layer PCB for improved signal integrity and greater stability when overclocking.

Colorful’s CVN Icicle DDR5 memory will be available this quarter at $105 MSRP for 2x16GB kits. That’s pretty good all things considered.