Corsair makes dummy thicc fans for better PC performance

Now, all we need is chonky RGB.

Corsair RS 120 Max fan.

Corsair has unveiled its RS Max PWM fan series, which features larger frames and blades. This allows them to deliver more airflow and pressure without requiring higher speeds.

Available in 120mm and 140mm sizes, the RS Max series is 5mm thicker than many competing models at 30mm. This allows the installation of larger blades, which increases the fan’s performance without having to step up to a wider model. The same goes for speed, as these can provide similar airflow and pressure without having to rotate faster. This, in turn, results in less noise than thinner fans trying to achieve equivalent performance.

Talking of speed, the 120mm model can reach up to 2,000rpm, delivering 72cfm of airflow and 4.2mmH2O of static pressure at 29.5dBA. The 140mm, on the other hand, maxes out at 1,600rpm, resulting in 104cfm and 2.4mmH2O at 31dBA.

Corsair AF Elite vs RS Max fan size.

To ensure rigidity and durability at high speeds, Corsair opted for the newer LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) material, reinforced with glass fibres. This material offers more strength, allowing the blades to spin faster and thus deliver more airflow and static pressure to cool your components. To keep noise emissions under control at these speeds, the brand has also implemented its Magnetic Dome bearings to reduce friction. Not to forget, the anti-vortex stator vanes behind the blades to reduce turbulence.

The RS 120mm Max’s higher static pressure makes them ideal for dense coolers such as liquid radiators as they can push more fresh air through the fins. Unfortunately, there is no support for Corsair’s iCUE Link system here, meaning you will have to power each via its dedicated motherboard header.

The RS Max fan series will be available in 120mm or 140mm sizes and in single, dual, or triple packs, backed by a five-year warranty. While Corsair has yet to unveil pricing for these new models, we expect them to come cheaper than the iCUE Link lineup. £20 for a single RS 120mm Max and £25 for the 140mm one sounds about right.