Deal of the day: 4TB Crucial P3 Plus M.2 SSD now effectively half price

Fast, spacious and affordable.

4TB Crucial P3 Plus - Price Drop

4TB Crucial P3 Plus

“…the Crucial P3 Plus offers powerful Gen4 storage for loads of apps, programs, files, docs, photos, videos, and games — with room to spare.”

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The past few months have presented excellent deals on SSD storage, whether it be high-speed M.2 drives or low-cost SATA. Many of the bargains have centred around the 1TB mark, and for those of you who favour capacity over sheer speed, there’s good news as 4TB models are also plummeting in price.

An excellent example is the Crucial P3 Plus. Our review of the 4TB variant back in October found it to be a quick, competent SSD, stifled primarily by a high launch price of £434. Fast forward to today and the very same drive is retailing for £221, representing a whopping 49 per cent cut!

Similar reductions are present in other regions – US pricing at Amazon has dropped from $399 to $224 – and while we’re still waiting for a high-quality 4TB M.2 drive to drop below the all-important $200 mark, the Crucial P3 Plus is the closest we’ve seen thus far.

To recap, the 4TB P3 Plus is a DRAM-less SSD capable of sequential read and write speeds of 4,800MB/s and and 4,100MB/s via a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface. Headline speeds fall shy of official requirements for PS5, though we have seen multiple reports of users employing the drive in Sony’s console without hiccup. Need to see benchmarks before adding to basket? Head right over here.