Deal of the day: every Intel 14th gen CPU falls to near best price

Intel deals upon Intel deals.

Intel's 14th Gen CPUs fall to their best prices.

Intel’s latest 14th Gen processors have been around for all of three months, and they’re already plummeting in price. Core i5-14600KF has even reached its best price ever, while i9-14900K and i7-14700K models are so close to their lowest that they might as well be in the same boat.

Before we get into the thick of it, remember that K and KF models are identical minus one feature. KF variants don’t include integrated graphics, meaning you need to run them with the best graphics card. Facing facts, you’re probably going to do that anyway, so it’s not too big of an ask.

Since KF versions strip a feature back, you may even save more money compared to the full fat model.

Intel Core i5-14600K CPU

Intel Core i5-14600K and KF


Best value for Intel
Good temperatures
No gen-on-gen price jump


Gen-on-gen performance
High power draw for mid-range

We haven’t yet reviewed Core i5-14600K, but Intel’s mid-range chip still managed to impress us. It offers brilliant value at MSRP with better temperatures than its beefier counterparts. The best part is that it didn’t increase the price from the i5-14600K, and now you can get it cheaper.

Sporting an 11% discount, the standard model has a new $316.95 price tag. This puts it within $4 of the lowest price we’ve seen yet. Better yet, i5-14600KF is the lowest it’s ever been, as a 7% reduction puts it at $302.63.

Amazon UK doesn’t have any deals on these chips at the moment. Fortunately, OverclockersUK has you covered. There’s 6% off i5-14600K at £299.99 and 3% off i5-14600KF at £289.99.

Intel Core i7-14700K and KF


MT performance
Great for its price
Generational uplift
Beats Ryzen 9 7900X


High power usage
No CPU cooler in box

Earning 4/5 in our Intel Core i7-14700K review, the CPU is fairly well-priced compared to AMD’s top Ryzen 9 7900X. The only Team Red chips that challenge its price to performance are the latest X3D models.

While stocks last, i7-14700K is just one cent from its best price ever. Chopping 14% off, Amazon US buyers can nab it for $401.55. The KF model isn’t too far behind, with its 11% discount bringing it to $384.99. This is just $3 more than the lowest we’ve seen it.

Amazon UK shoppers can take 4% off the total price when buying from Tech Dealz. This brings it down to £383.

Intel Core i9-14900K CPU close up.

Intel Core i9-14900K and KF


Content creator CPU
Out-the-box 6GHz
Wide motherboard support


Massive power draw
Needs a 360mm AIO

Intel’s top dog got 3/5 in our Core i9-14900K review, but only because of its price to performance compared with the previous generation. Its latest discount brings it far enough away from it’s MSRP that it’s much more in line with what we originally expected.

With 13% off on Amazon US, you can grab the best CPU for $568.72. This is less than $1 off its lowest price ever, making it a steal just three months after release. If you fancy saving more money, Core i9-14900KF is 12% cheaper at $544.03.

The UK discount might seem much thinner at first, but 3% off both models puts them at their lowest price in the region. From Tech Dealz instead of Amazon itself, 14900K costs £545.88 while 14900KF sits at £535.13.

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