Deal of the day: Meta Quest 2 falls to its lowest ever price

Virtual reality for virtually nothing.

meta Quest 2 – 128GB

“Enjoy advanced all-in-one VR with just a headset and controllers, completely untethered from your gaming PC.”

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VR headsets have come a long way since their inception, but none strike a chord like Meta Quest 2. It was the first to break free from the shackles of a gaming PC, all while being relatively affordable. If you thought it was a bargain before, then you’re in for a treat now.

The 128GB Meta Quest 2 is currently the lowest price we’ve seen, costing just $249 on Amazon US. This is a 17% discount from its usual, but just to put this in perspective, it’s a whopping $150 drop from this time last year. It’s a similar story across the pond, with the headset chopping falling to £246.35. This technically isn’t the best price it’s ever been in the UK since it briefly hit £237 for a day earlier this month, but who’s counting?

Since this is the barebones bundle, you only get the wireless headset and controllers. It’ll cost you a little more if you want any of the extra goodies, like the Link Cable, battery and strap, or carry case. Fortunately, there are several bundles, all with varying discounts. I’m of the opinion that you can always come back later to snap up accessories, but this deal might not be here for long. If 128GB isn’t enough for you, the 256GB model also sees its prices slashed to $299 in the US.

A big reason for the price cut is the arrival of Meta Quest 3 this year. As you’d expect, it’s more powerful and focuses on mixed reality rather than just the virtual world. Quest 2 has plenty of life left in her yet, though.

Valve added the ability to stream games directly to the headset via Steam Link at the end of last month. Previously, you needed a workaround for that. Meta also continues to update Quest 2 in tandem with Quest 3 and Quest Pro headsets. Build 60.0 landed at the end of 2023, introducing new Horizon Home environments and a new utility app.

Keep in mind that VR headsets aren’t just great for playing virtual reality games. You can use them as a gaming monitor for anything from playing standard games to watching TV and films, or to kick back and enjoy a visualiser while you chill to music.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll get free delivery and your Quest 2 will be with you sooner. Honestly, it’s a pretty great deal, given all the benefits included in an Amazon Prime membership.

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