Discord adds more monetisation and safety features

There's a big focus on teen users.

Discord's new warning system

Discord has announced a range of new and upcoming features meant to improve the user experience, from extra safety layers to detailed customisation options.

In order to make Discord a safe and fun place to hang out with friends, the company plans to add new teen protection measures, profile and software customisations/optimisations, better remuneration for third-party app developers, and a new way to warn users about bad behaviours.

Safety and filters

Discord is launching Teen Safety Assist, a new initiative to protect teens through a series of proactive filters and alerts. Available in the coming weeks and enabled by default, these protocols decide if an alert should be sent to the teen following direct messages (DM) from unknown users, before encouraging the recipient to double-check if they want to reply.

Additionally, a content filter will be automatically applied on media to blur its content if deemed sensitive. This will happen in direct and group messages with friends, as well as on servers. This feature will also be available for anyone to opt in.

Warning system

Discord is also introducing a new warning system in place of the old permanent ban. This new approach is thought to offer users a better way to learn what they did wrong, giving them a second chance in the hope of not breaking the rules again.

The system includes multiple points for users to clearly understand the rule violations and the consequences of their actions. Users who break rules will receive a DM from Discord letting them know of either a warning or a violation, and whether or not Discord has taken action. Users can then hop into the dedicated ‘Account Standing’ page under the ‘Privacy and Safety’ settings to find more details, outlining any account restrictions. There is even a history of active and past warnings/violations.


For third-party app developers on Discord, the company is launching a new monetisation method in the UK and EU. This system will allow Premium App subscriptions for eligible developers to generate revenue directly on Discord, with effortless setup, end-to-end transactions, and multiple payment options.


Improving the mobile experience

Following user feedback, Discord claims to have improved the app’s stability and launch time by 55 per cent on Android and 43 per cent on iOS. The app is also said to download less data when launching, sync new messages in the background, and store more recent messages. Moreover, it’s now easier to select multiple pictures and videos to share at once – up to 25MB for all users.

Users can also make their own memes by quickly editing and sharing photos with friends. To do so, simply select a photo and tap the new ‘Remix’ button. A set of editing tools will show up directly in the app, offering crop, text, and paintbrushes, alongside emojis and stickers to design your own meme. Remix is expanding from Nitro subscribers to all Discord mobile app users.

Not to forget Clips, which allows you to capture and share the most exciting gaming and voice channel moments with your friends and community without leaving the app.

Nitro subscription and app customisation

For paid customers, Discord continues making its Nitro subscription better. There are new perks for members to express themselves via customised profiles and app icon appearances. This allows you to decorate your profile’s card with a banner, some nice effects that surround your avatar and information, and change your mobile and desktop app icons. Note that these customisations are not free.

Skin Store

Finally, Nitro members can set a specific sound from any of their servers to automatically play from the soundboard upon joining the voice call. It’s fun, though it may become annoying.