Epic Games Store gives away 17 free games during holiday sale

The best time of the year.

Epic Games Store holds a Holiday Sale with loads of freebies.

Epic Games Store is back with freebies, this time offering 17 games for absolutely nothing over the Christmas period. It’s topped its own record, as it previously gave away 15 free games last year.

Starting with Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, you can get the game’s first three expansions without spending a penny. This includes The Witch Queen, beyond Light, and Shadowkeep. You’ll need to bundle the base game in your basket if you’ve not played on Epic Games Store before, but that’s free anyway. You’ve got until December 20 to grab it before it rolls onto the next freebie.

Epic is keeping tight lipped on what’s to come, so you’ll have to return next week to find out what the mystery game is. Once it starts on December 20, it’ll probably be a daily affair until the holiday period is over. These freebies arrive alongside a store-wide sale, which runs from now until January 10, 2024.

Epic Games Sale

While you’re at it, you may want to grab a discounted game or two. Yes, it’s that time of the year when the Epic Games Store celebrates the holidays with a huge sale. It features all types of games, from the tried and tested like GTA V, to new store exclusives such as Alan Wake 2. And the best part is that prices are localised, meaning that you may get lower prices depending on your country.

Unfortunately for your credit card, there’s more. In addition to the usual -20% or -40% discounts on recently released games, you also get -33% on titles costing above £11.99 / $14.99 / 14,99€ or equivalent in your currency.

To make things even juicier, every purchase nets you a 10% cashback reward to use on your next purchase. While in some instances the older -15$ coupon provides more value, for expensive games the new solution is better. Epic desperately wants your money. It already has me, I succumbed for Alan Wake 2 and Dead Island 2.

These discounts are issued per basket rather than per game. If the title you want costs £10 and you still need £1.99 to reduce it by 33%, simply add another game to your cart. As long as the total is above the threshold, you’ll get a great deal. Unfortunately, the coupon doesn’t work on everything. You can’t use them to purchase Fortnite V-bucks, game DLCs, or pre-orders.

If you plan on buying multiple games, you better split your orders into 11.99 chunks. After each purchase you’ll get your 10% cashback. This cashback can then be used on your next purchase, and so on. It’s less efficient, but much more economical.

Keep aware that using your coupon locks it to that particular purchase. If your order fails to go through, due to connection issues, Epic Games walks you through the solution to cancel your order and get your coupon back.