Fight upside-down logos with Gigabyte Waterforce II liquid coolers

Easy installation and customisability.

Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce X II 360 Ice AIO liquid cooler on a planet background.

Gigabyte has announced the Waterforce II and Waterforce X II AIO liquid cooling series featuring customisable pump cover and daisy chainable fans. It comes in two sizes and colours to suit your builds.

The new liquid cooler lineup includes four models: the Waterforce II 240mm and 360mm plus the Waterforce X II 240mm and 360mm. The former comes only in black, while the latter offers a white version too. It’s a perfect pairing to the Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Pro X, if you ask me. Aside from the additional colour, the difference between the Waterforce II and Waterforce X II coolers lays in their pump housing cover.

Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce X II 360 Ice AIO liquid cooler.

While the Waterforce II comes with a basic RGB lit cover, the Waterforce X II packs a 60x60mm LCD display. You can use this mini screen to show system data like temperatures, images/gifs, or mp4 videos. You have 40MB of integrated storage capacity for your customisation files. Both models in the Waterforce II lineup feature a 330° rotatable block cover featuring the Aorus logo.

Moreover, on the non-X models, the 120mm fans spin from 800rpm to 2,300rpm, resulting in 64.95cfm of air flow and 2.93mmH2O of static pressure at 36.9dBA. These figures see some small improvements on the X models with 72cfm plus 3.15mmH2O at 37.5dBA when running at their 2,400rpm max speed.

Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce II 360 Ice AIO liquid cooler.

Aside from the pump cover, all versions share similar EZ-Chain Mag fans which include magnetic interlocking mechanisms for daisy-chaining. They also all get a newly designed pump and fan blades. Plus, as usual you can synchronise the ARGB lighting with other devices.

Lastly, the Waterforce II series is compatible with Intel LGA 115x/1200/1700 and AMD AM5/AM4 sockets. The Waterforce X II also adds TR4 and sTR5 support.

While Gigabyte didn’t indicate pricing for these coolers, we can look at their predecessors to get an idea. We expect around £130/£160 for the Waterforce II 240mm/360mm and £160/£200 for the Waterforce X II 240mm/360mm.