G.Skill DDR5 memory achieves 11,240MT/s during Computex 2023 overclocking event

The power of LN2 and binned chips.

G.Skill Event

Overclockers have pushed G.Skill’s DDR5 memory to new heights, reaching a masterly world record with 11,240MT/s speed.

During Computex 2023, G.Skill and its partner Intel held an overclocking competition in which multiple world records were broken, most notably a new DDR5 memory frequency ceiling at 11,240MT/s – i.e. 5,620.1MHz. For comparison, DDR4’s highest point is currently sitting at 7,200MT/s courtesy of Toppc. At this rate, I bet before next year we’ll be at 13,000MT/s.

G.Skill DDR5-11240 OC

This impressive clock was achieved by Seby9123 using an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboard, Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU, and obviously G.Skill’s DDR5 memory. This combo is found in nearly all G.Skill’s OC demos for some reason, but hey, why change a winning formula?

Frequency aside, other records have also been beaten by Safedisk, Splave, Lucky_n00b, and TSAIK, in Y-Crucher, Cinebench R20, GPUPI, and CPU frequency, respectively, using a combination of Xeon w5 and Core i5 CPUs. The full detailed list can be found below.

G.Skill Records

While no info has been given regarding the default XMP 3.0 frequency of these modules – their starting point, if you will – knowing that G.Skill demoed 8,000MT/s kits back in November 2022, these could be clocked higher. In any case, this is still double the speed of mainstream DDR5-5600 which is found on many gaming and workstation machines. Damn!

Congratulations to the winners and G.Skill.