Geil announces Pristine R5 DDR5 R-DIMM server memory series reaching a scorching 6,800MT/s

Sever memory can be fast too.

GeIL Pristine R5 memeory

Geil has released its Pristine R5 DDR5 R-DIMM server memory kits featuring high-performance chips clocked up to 6,800MT/s in capacities reaching 128GB.

The Pristine R5 lineup will be available in dual- or quad-module packs clocked at 4,800MT/s, 5,200MT/s, 5,600MT/s, 6,000MT/s, 6,400MT/s, and 6,800MT/s. These bundles offer 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of total capacities using 16GB or 32GB modules. The brand announces latencies ranging from CL38 to CL46, with operating voltages from 1.10V to 1.35V – the latter is most likely the one used for the XMP profile.

While 128GB kits are nothing special, validated 6,800MT/s 4x32GB packs don’t run the streets, even less those targeting servers, as the latter tends to use 4,800MT/s memory for wider hardware compatibility and stability. But thanks to some fast ICs cooled by a low-profile aluminium heat spreader, Geil is providing performance-oriented memory for those who need maximum performance.

GeIL Pristine R5 memeory - ICs

To meet various requirements of cloud computing and high-end HEDT applications, Pristine R5 memory supports ECC error correction mechanisms, providing higher stability and reliability and reducing the risk of failures and downtime during long server operations. A good companion to Alphacool’s Eisbaer Pro ES 2U server AIO liquid cooler.

Finally, the brand points to its thorough testing using patented DYNA 5 SLT procedure which is said to ensure optimal product reliability, stating that the Pristine R5 series perfectly support the newly released W790 motherboards and Intel’s Xeon W-2400/W-3400 processors.

Geil didn’t provide any pricing yet, only talking about a limited lifetime warranty, which is a good start.