Get a fish tank for your gaming hardware with the Jonsbo D300

It can pack more than you think.

Jonsbo D300 fish tank looking PC chassis on a desk.

Jonsbo has launched the D300 mid-tower case with a fish tank design featuring a single curved glass panel. Offering a good amount of hardware support, this chassis could definitely be the one you are looking for.

The D300 will be available in black or white, measuring 236.4mm (W) x 420.9mm (H) x 460.2mm (D) and weighing 8kg. Inside you’ll find room for ITX or M-ATX motherboards, plus up to 430mm long graphics cards, 180mm high CPU coolers, and 200mm PSUs. Storage-wise, you have space for three drives, two of which support 3.5in HDDs.

In terms of I/O, there’s nothing out of the ordinary. You get the usual dual USB 3.0 Type-A alongside one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and a headphone/mic combo jack.

In addition to the unobstructed wide-view offered by this chassis, it also features a single-piece glass panel – curved around the left edge. This makes it more pleasing to the eyes, compared to chassis that needs a metal frame for rigidity. That said, the TK-1 still holds the top spot for style.

Most importantly, the D300 is compatible with those cable-free/stealthy motherboards that have all their connectors on the rear. Like the MSI B650M Project Zero and Asus TUF Gaming B760M-BTF, for example. However, it’s unclear which board models are supported since every brand puts its connectors where it sees fit.

To cool your hardware, you have room for 3x120mm/2x140mm fans up top, a 120mm/140mm in the rear, 3x120mm on the side, and one 120mm on the bottom. You can chuck another 2x120mm/1x140mm on the PSU compartment if needed. If you prefer liquid cooling, you can pack up to 360mm radiators up top plus 140mm on the rear.

Jonsbo didn’t indicate if the D300 ships with any fans included or not. Since all fan support is marked as optional, we assume you’ll need to purchase your own fans separately, so make sure to add that to your shopping list/budget.

Talking of which, Jonsbo hasn’t shared any pricing yet for the D300. Though, looking at the specs and feature set, you can bet this one isn’t joining the cheap herd.