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Jonsbo D300 fish tank looking PC chassis on a desk.

Get a fish tank for your gaming hardware with the Jonsbo D300

Jonsbo D300 gives you a fish tank chassis with a curved glass side panel and hidden cables design, for the perfect showcase PC.
Jonsbo HX5230

Jonsbo’s impressively slim HX5230 CPU tower cooler armed with 230W cooling capacity

Jonsbo launches a slimmer CPU air cooler with five heatpipes and all-black aesthetic.
Jonsbo HP400S

Jonsbo announces HP400S low-profile CPU cooler for compact chassis

Jonsbo unveils HP400S 40mm high top-flow CPU cooler rated for 140W.
Jonsbo TK-1

Transform your PC into a showpiece with Jonsbo’s TK-1 cubical chassis

Jonsbo releases TK-1 chassis with fantastic hardware view thanks to its U-shaped glass panel.
Jonsbo MOD-3 Mini

Jonsbo unveils open-frame Micro-ATX MOD-3 Mini chassis

If dust doesn’t scare you, get the MOD-3 Mini from Jonsbo to impress friends.

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