Intel Battlemage GPUs are on the horizon but they need to hurry

Time's a wasting.

An image showing an Intel GPU.

Intel continues to remain fairly mum about its upcoming Battlemage GPUs. Despite the company’s love of golden silence, leaks have started coming out, suggesting a launch sometime soon. Leaks appeared on SiSoftware just last week, and it seems as though new shipping manifests give a few more clues.

Being “an old man looking for leaked information,” according to their X account, Momomo_us shares the latest. The shipping manifestoes show off a few bits of information, with the relevant ones being a slew of Battlemage GPUs. What’s interesting here is that it shows off two different versions: the G21 and G10.

An image showing shipping manifests containing the works Microprocessor Battlemage G21 and G10.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen G10 and G21, as both appeared in a leaked roadmap last year. Following the natural order of consecutive numbers, G21 leads the charge as the high-end, reportedly featuring under 225W. G10, however, supposedly tackles the mid-range under 150W. As Videocardz notes, these directly replace ACM-G10 and G11, respectively. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference there is between the different versions of these new GPUs. As usual, without official information, we’re all left chasing our tails.

We imagine Intel will make some statements on the Battlemage GPUs in the next few months when all the big tech and gaming events kick off. There’s Intel Vision 2024, which runs from April 8-9, and Computex, which lands in early June. You won’t be able to go five seconds without something new to chew on. The general hype is so palpable that you could theoretically cut it up and put it on a pizza.

We’re keenly awaiting next-gen Intel GPUs after the first gen offered some of the most competitive prices for performance. That said, Team Blue should start leaning into leaks before Nvidia pushes news about its Blackwell-clad RTX 50 Series. Since Battlemage is rumoured to war against RTX 40 Series, the brand could once again find itself fighting a former generation if it waits too much longer.

As before, we’ll simply have to keep waiting. In the meantime, you can get your hands on Intel Arc A750 on Amazon, and it’s currently reduced.