Intel NUC drivers reveal several Arc Alchemist GPU names

Intel Arc 380, Arc 350, Arc A370M and, Arc A350M will feature in future NUC designs.

Intel Arc Alchemist

From all the rumours of new GPUs being unveiled and launched at CES 2022 in January, perhaps Intel’s products are the most interesting. The Intel Arc Alchemist series should make its debut soon, but unlike rivals, the Xe HPG architecture is completely new to us. In other words, we are braced for (good) surprises from Intel.

The technicalities of the Intel Arc GPU were shared back at the Intel Architecture Day in August, and in September we first saw leaked documentation putting forward the idea that  Intel would launch enthusiast/gamer GPUs with the following nomenclature: “Intel Arc a### GPU.” The ### represents three variable numbers, used to let the customer know what performance level to expect. Further pondering over the leak led some to believe that Intel would be preparing Arc a3##, a5##, and a7## SKUs to mirror its Core i3, i5, and i7 CPU branding.

Intel Arc a### GPU branding recap

On Thursday, Intel posted a new test driver, version, and it appears to have leaked its own unreleased hardware. VideoCardz reports that driver .SYS files include mention of four new Arc GPUs and a new Iris Xe GPU. The names unearthed from the driver are bullet-pointed below:

  • Intel Arc A380 Graphics Family.
  • Intel Arc A350 Graphics Family.
  • Intel Arc A370M Graphics Family.
  • Intel Arc A350M Graphics Family.
  • Intel Iris Xe A200M Graphics Family.

Intel Arc a3## GPUs appear to be entry-level parts

You may have already seen us mention the Arc A380, because Twitter-based leaker Tum Apisak shared some performance indicators for this GPU at the start of December. This member of the Arc a3## series is thus expected to come with 128 EUs, 6GB of VRAM, and offer GeForce GTX 1650 Super-level performance.

One should naturally expect the Arc A350 to be weaker than the A380. It might have fewer EUs enabled, less VRAM, or slower clocks – or a permutation of these changes. Intel’s driver also unintentionally seems to have revealed some “M” suffixed Arc Alchemist parts for laptops, AiOs, SFF, or similar.

Above: Intel Arc SOC1 and SOC2 GPUs. The larger GPU die on the right is SOC1.

Intel Arc full line-up leak reminder

On Monday, Club386 reported on the “full” Arc Alchemist lineup leak, as disclosed by YouTuber MLID. According to this information, we have just witnessed the arrival of a driver supporting DG2 SOC2 dies (the smaller of two GPUs which maxes out at 128EUs enabled). GPUs with >128 EUs will all come from the DG2 SOC1 which can offer up to 512EUs.