Intel puts some of its Core CPUs on the chopping block

Focusing efforts on its next platform.

Intel Core i9-13900K processor.

Intel has announced the discontinuation of a bunch of 13th Gen Core processors. The list shows 14 models, all of which contain the K suffix.

Revealed via a product change notification, Intel will soon stop accepting orders for some of its 13th Gen Core processors. The list contains no less than 14 models, all from the K variant, including KF and KS versions. Most notably, the list includes high-end Core i9-13900KS CPU and the value Core i5-13600K. It’ll accept orders until May 24, with the last shipments scheduled for June 28. You can see the full list below.

List of discontinued Intel Core processors.

Seeing the recent uptick in complaints regarding crashes and instability on K-series Core i9 CPUs, it’s not be a bad idea to give the 13th Gen a well-deserved rest. Besides, Team Blue is also on the brink of launching its new LGA 1851 platform for Arrow Lake-S CPUs. Intel states that the reason is a shift in market demand towards other products. We assume the brand is talking about its 14th Gen lineup, which is understandable.

That said, nothing should change for you apart from a reduction in market availability for these chips. Warranties and product support will still be available and you can still buy them while they’re in stock. Also note that this specifically concerns boxed K-series models, meaning that OEMs should still offer machines powered by these CPUs. The same goes for non-K-series variants, which should continue to be available for DIY.

It’s unfortunate to see Raptor Lake CPUs disappear since the replacement Raptor Lake Refresh doesn’t bring much to the table. Well, that’s apart from higher prices in some cases. But since the LGA 1700 platform is a dead end by now, it’s not a big deal. If you plan to build a new machine, you should probably either wait for the launch of LGA 1851 or jump ship to AMD’s AM5.