InWin’s dinky POC One PC case is finally here for mini-ITX builds

Simpler than the original.

InWin POC One Mini-ITX chassis.

InWin has released its second foldable PC case for those who like to build things themselves. This DIY chassis comes open flat inside a pizza-like box, letting you build its panels into the final shape you wish.

Spotted at CES 2024, this second entry into InWin’s iBuildiShare product line offers many improvements and changes over its predecessor that may pique your interest. For starters, with the POC One, you no longer have to fold the side panel sheets into their final form. Instead, InWin cuts each panel to the exact shape out of the box, using fabric straps to secure them together. This gives it a premium look, reminding me of those expensive fashion brands. Although it’s not the cheapest, the POC One is thankfully still within reach.

That said, while this approach makes building your case straightforward, fans of the original POC may not like its simplicity. I personally prefer the new design as it avoids missing things when bending the panels to shape. I wonder, though, if these fabric straps are strong enough to rigidify the frame.

InWin POC One chassis colours.

Next, we have a frosted acrylic panel instead of the perforated aluminium on the original, giving you a nice look at your components. Thankfully, the separated graphics card compartment still lets your GPU breathe fresh air without fighting for space with the motherboard. However, as usual, dust is still a concern with the POC series due to its open design. Just make sure you blow some compressed air on it regularly, and you should be OK.

Colour-wise, Inwin has two more paint jobs in store. There’s black or silver for the aluminium panels, plus blue and white transparent acrylic panels with a frosted finish.

Regarding compatibility, the POC One supports up to 335mm long / 62mm thick GPUs, 140mm high CPU air coolers, 160mm PSUs, 170x170mm Mini-ITX motherboards, a single 2.5in drive, and three 120mm fans. Just note that installing more than one fan will reduce the CPU cooler clearance to 115mm. Meanwhile, if you prefer liquid cooling, you have room for up to 277mm x 120mm x 55mm radiators – including fans.

As you can guess, these extra features don’t come free. The POC One retails for €204.99, unlike its predecessor, which you can find for a reasonable €99. But hey, if you don’t need these extras, you can always go for the cheaper version. Let’s face it, though, the frosted side panel looks terrific on the POC One.