Microsoft speeds up Xbox Series S|X boot time with shorter animation

Sometimes the simplest solutions work best.

There are many reasons to consider a latest-generation games console, but the ability to get quickly into a game ranks as one of the most obvious attractions.

Compared to last-gen hardware, the presence of solid-state storage has transformed the gameplay experience. Tiresome load screens have become a thing of the past, and with the likes of Xbox Quick Resume, it literally takes seconds to pick up where you left off.

Such improvements extend to the console boot sequence, and Xbox Insiders have discovered that Series S|X are starting up some five seconds quicker. What technical wizardry has Microsoft called upon to deliver such gains? Well, sometimes the simplest fixes are the best, and in this instance it is merely a shorter boot animation.

Xbox integrated marketing director Josh Munsee confirmed the tweak on Twitter, stating that the revised animation is shortened in length from nine seconds to just four. A shame for those who enjoy marvelling at the wonder of the Xbox logo and that deafening sound, but great news for everyone eager to get into an actual game.

Putting those numbers into perspective, the Xbox Series S can now cold boot in just under 14 seconds while in the default Energy Saver mode. Though the enhancement is only available to Xbox Insiders at this time, we expect a broader roll-out will take place in the very near future.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed changes to Energy Saver mode would allow for game updates to download while the console is asleep. Factor in power savings and an increasingly swift boot sequence, and there’s very little reason to switch to the Instant-on mode.