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Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft has become woven into the fabric of everyday life. The success of Windows, Office and Xbox has made it one of the first U.S. public companies to be valued at over $1 trillion.

Windows 11 update could become the most colourful operating system yet.

Windows 11 colour management update is a visual marvel for gamers

The next Windows 11 update could make it the most colourful OS yet, and we're excited to see what options it opens up.
A desktop PC powered by Windows OS.

Windows is making its own AI-powered Nvidia DLSS rival

Microsoft’s AI-powered Super Resolution is coming to Windows apps and games, enabled with a flick of a switch in the settings.
It doesn't look like Windows 12 after all.

Microsoft won’t release Windows 12 this year after all

Windows 12 is not quite ready just yet, and the latest Windows Insider blog reveals the next major update is in fact Windows 11 24H2.
Fake Xbox portable handheld.

Microsoft wants an Xbox handheld that’s more Switch than PlayStation Portal

Microsoft is said to be preparing two consoles, a usual living room box plus an Xbox handheld unit featuring local and cloud gaming.
Microsoft's Windows 11 might be the lesser of two evils with how Windows 10 is about to nag you.

Windows 10 is about to get a lot pushier with Windows 11 updates

If you're already annoyed with being offered Windows 11, then things are about to get a little bit worse on Windows 10.
Windows Update might make Windows 11 easier to reinstall.

Windows Update might make Windows 11 reinstalls easier in 2024

Microsoft is testing a Windows 11 feature that will make reinstalling the operating system much easier within the Windows Update menu.
HP LaserJet issue resolved.

Microsoft details quick Windows fix for HP printer issue

Microsoft has a peculiar solution to its equally weird HP LaserJet bug that was caused by a Windows 11 update earlier last month.
Windows 11 Background featuring a no wi-fi sign.

Microsoft breaks WiFi in the latest Windows 11 update

Microsoft bungs up WiFi networks with latest Windows 11 cumulative update. Try these quick temporary solutions and get back online.
Meta Quest 3 and Xbox team up for Cloud Gaming app.

Meta Quest VR headsets finally get Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming

VR headsets including Meta Quest 3, 2, and Pro now have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

Microsoft’s next OS might not be Windows 12 or release in June

New information suggests Microsoft might dodge the Windows 12 name and could stagger the release of its next operating system.
A canon printer renamed as HP. Original image by joshua fuller unsplash.

Microsoft confirms Windows bug renaming printers to HP LaserJet

Microsoft is investigating a mysterious Windows bug that renames printers to HP LaserJet and automatically downloads the HP Smart App.
Google logo amidst the clouds and skies via pawel-czerwinski-unsplash.

Google requests UK’s CMA to probe Microsoft’s cloud business

Google sent a letter to the CMA requesting that it addresses Microsoft's alleged anti-competitive cloud computing practises.

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