Microsoft’s latest PowerToys arrives featuring a nifty Dashboard homepage

PowerToys is a gift that keeps on giving.


Microsoft unveiled PowerToys 0.75 on Monday with a subsequent bug-fixing patch labelled 0.75.1 to address issues with two PowerToys modules – specifically, Fancy Zones and PowerToys Run.

The latest major update introduces two big changes including a new Dashboard home page, and a utility for editing environment variables with the added functionality to configure profiles that can be enabled or disabled on a whim. Great stuff.

You can find the new Dashboard homepage on top of the settings tab, and this nifty little feature now grants quick access for enabling modules, short descriptions and activation methods.

PT Dashboard

Meanwhile, the Peek feature is now much more powerful, and the developers have added a function that hosts File Explorer previewers to support every file type that a machine is currently able to preview. A perfect example was provided featuring Microsoft Office handlers – if these are installed, Peek has the ability to preview Office files. Simple, yet effective.

As for bug-fixing update, Windows apps should now snap correctly when using Fancy Zones, while PowerToys Run should initialise additional data types for plugin developers without any issues. Love to see it. Club386 is a big advocate for PowerToys. For one, it’s relatively easy to set up and offers all sorts of features, handy functionality, and customisability to your Windows experience.

Besides this, the PowerToys team is dedicated in providing the best, most up-to-date experience for its users. Take 0.75.1 for example; it took the team less than two days to identify the bugs and provide a solution, and it’s absolutely free! Need I say more?

Should you wish to give it a gander, the app is available for both Windows 10 and 11 users, and can be found here.