Mushkin unveils mega-fast Vortex Redline PCIe Gen 4 SSDs

Capacities up to 2TB with read speed scaling as high as 7,415MB/s.

Mushkin has announced the arrival of its Vortex Redline M.2 2280 (22 x 80 X 2.25mm) SSDs in three capacities maxing out at 2TB.

Powered by an InnoGrit IG5236 controller and utilising PCIe Gen 4×4 alongside NVMe 1.4 protocol, these SSDs squeeze every last drop of performance and look set to be among the fastest on the market.

Sequential read and write performance starts at 6,750MB/s and 2,635MB/s, respectively, for the 512GB drive, and scales nicely on higher-capacity variants with more NAND interfacing with the controller. Mushkin’s 1TB drive claims 7,430MB/s reads and 5,300MB/s writes, while the top-end 2TB model hits 7,415MB/s and 6,800MB/s, respectively.

That’s enough to potentially outgun the likes of Kingston’s KC3000 and Seagate’s FireCude 530, and Mushkin reckons 4K random write IOPs extends up to 1,130,000 on its largest model.

3D NAND durability is estimated at 1,000 TBW (Terabytes Written) for the 2TB drive, 500 TBW for the 1TB and 250 TBW for the 512GB. In normal use there is little chance exceeding these perceived limits.

Mushkin also employs a dynamic SLC and DRAM cache buffer to accelerate burst performance. 2GB of DDR4 DRAM cache on the 2TB version, 1GB on the 1TB and 512MB on the 512GB, and all drives are outfitted with a svelte graphene heat spreader.

The Vortex Redline comes with a five-year limited warranty or until TBW is reached, and retails at $77.89 MSRP for a 512GB drive or $124.99 for 1TB. No pricing yet for the 2TB model.