New Xbox Design Lab customisation options will make you want an Elite Series 2 controller

Who doesn't love customisation.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Design Lab

We sincerely hope you haven’t pulled the gun on a custom Elite Series 2 controller in recent months, as Xbox Design Lab has this week added a whole swathe of enticing colour options.

There are now 16 hues for the top and back case, a dozen colours for the ABXY buttons, 17 accents for the paddles, and 25 colours for the rest of the controller. All the combinations you’re likely to need, and with the addition of Deep Pink and Glacier Blue, I’m feeling the urge to mimic our rather dashing Club386 motif.

Truth be told I couldn’t fathom spending £124.99 on a controller (£132.98 with the laser engraving you know you’re going to want), but the sheer amount of customisation is truly impressive, giving the Elite Series 2 the look and feel of a uniquely premium product.

Xbox Elite Series 2

Gamers contemplating such extravagance ought to consider the full Elite Package for £182.98, which afford four paddles, four additional thumbsticks, an extra D-pad, carrying case and charger. You can even choose the colour of the Xbox logo on said case. Nice.

“If you haven’t experienced Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, this is the perfect opportunity to do so,” says Mekias Bekalu, Xbox accessories marketing manager.

“Each Xbox Elite Series 2 comes packed with everything necessary to play like a pro. Adjustable-tension thumbsticks, wrap-around rubberized grips, and shorter hair trigger locks can all take your game to the next level.

The Elite Series 2 controller became available via Xbox Design Lab only last October, yet while it’s good to see a rapid uptick in options, shoppers on a budget should note many of the same colour choices apply to the regular Xbox Wireless Controller. Prices for that start at £59.99 and the joypad is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11, Android and iOS.

Eager to get designing? Head over to to give it a whirl.