Noctua reckons its mounting kits improve CPU temps

A small improvement to a good product.

Noctua NM-M1-MP78 multi-socket SecuFirm2+ mounting-kit installed on a motherboard.

Noctua has announced the NM-M1 multi-socket mounting kits for Intel and AMD platforms featuring new Torx screws and offset installation. It aims to be a good solution to reduce your Ryzen 7000 CPU temperatures by a couple of degrees.

Available for Noctua coolers with 83mm and 78mm mounting pitch, the NM-M1-MP83 and NM-M1-MP78 kits are ideal for users who want to migrate their old Noctua coolers to the latest sockets of the best CPUs. They also include Noctua’s offset mounting bars for AM5 sockets, which allow a cooler to shift by 7mm towards the PCIe slots to improve Ryzen processors’ temperature.

Hotspot location on AMD AM5 CPUs.

If you’re wondering why would you need such a product, let me explain. Previously, all CPUs had their active and hottest part centred below the IHS (integrated heat spreader). With the advent of AMD’s chiplet design, that spot shifted towards the PCIe slots, affecting cooling. For example, on a five-heatpipe cooler with a horizontal pipe orientation, most of the heat will be under one or two pipes at best. This means that heat needs to transfer via the IHS or the cooler’s base plate before reaching the remaining heatpipes.

To solve this issue, Noctua has engineered this simple yet elegant solution which consists of offsetting the mounting bracket by 7mm to be more centred on top of the Ryzen CCDs. Noctua claims that this modification results in between 1 and 3°C temperature reduction on AMD AM5 CPUs, i.e. Ryzen 7000. New cooler releases such as the NH-D12L include AM5 offset mounting bars in the box.

Diagram showing the difference between 83mm and 78mm mounting pitch.

The NM-M1 sets support Intel LGA 1851/1700/1200/1151/1150/1155/1156 as well as AMD AM4/AM5 sockets. They’re available in versions for heatsinks with 83mm mounting pitch (NM-M1-MP83) and 78mm (NM-M1-MP78). This allows you to upgrade old Noctua coolers dating to 2005. Additionally, two versions of each will be offered, a normal silver one, and a fully black variant.

Interested? The NM-M1 multi-socket mounting kits will be available at the following prices:

  • NM-M1-MP83 at €21.90 / $21.90
  • NM-M1-MP78 at €21.90 / $21.90
  • NM-M1-MP83 at €24.90 / $24.90
  • NM-M1-MP78 at €24.90 / $24.90