Nvidia announces RTX 500 and 1000 GPUs for AI laptops

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Nvidia RTX 500 GPU will power AI laptops.

Artificial intelligence is finally moving beyond just generative AI and large language models. With new components from Nvidia powering AI laptops, you can soon use the technology to make your devices even faster.

As per its blog post, Team Green has debuted new Nvidia RTX 500 and RTX 1000 Ada Lovelace laptop GPUs. It explains that “AI is rapidly being adopted to drive efficiencies across professional design and content creation workflows and everyday productivity applications, underscoring the importance of having powerful local AI acceleration and sufficient processing power in systems.” These new GPUs will use a neural processing unit to help improve workflow and processing speed.

It gives some great examples of what the units are capable of. Video editors can remove background noise, graphic designers can unblur images, and we can get higher-quality streaming and video conferencing. These are really cool ideas. AI assisting creative types, along with everyone else, is something we can absolutely get on board with. It’s the kind of use that makes sense. AI should be capable of removing the less interesting parts of all of our jobs.

Much like the best graphics cards, the GPUs also offer DLSS 3, which allows for better performance in games. Given the numbering, they’re likely on the more affordable side of things, however. Nvidia says RTX 500 will sport 4GB of dedicated GPU memory, while RTX 1000 bumps it up to 6GB. We’ll have to wait to see what kinds of devices they end up in before judging. Still, third-gen RT cores, fourth-gen Tensor cores, and an AV1 encoder mean they should be powerhouses for workloads.

RTX 500 and 1000 GPUs will first crop up in Dell, HP, Lenovo, and MSI devices come Springtime. Again, nothing firm in the release date, but it’s certainly a cool concept. We’re keen to use this AI and see how well it performs. It could well mean a big power boost for lower-end laptops, and that’s definitely a good thing for those who can’t afford to splash out a lot of cash for one of the best laptops around.