Nvidia set to build a restricted GeForce RTX 4090 for China

Should call it RTX 4080 Super.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card on a Dragon background.
Backgrounf by Tijana Acimovic.

Latest rumours are talking about a new GeForce RTX 4090 model from Nvidia using a cut down GPU to fit within the US TPP guidelines. A supposed card that targets gamers at the original Chinese MSRP.

According to wccftech’s sources, Nvidia is preparing a new variant of its RTX 4090 graphics cards called RTX 4090 D. The D apparently standing for Dragon, which sounds logical as this card is targeting the Chinese market. No modified AI cards today, this will be a gaming-oriented product, meant as a replacement for original RTX 4090. That card is banned from export due to its high TPP (Total Processing Performance) rating of above 4,800 points. A huge boon for AMD as the RX 7900 XTX is in high demand as a replacement.

To fit within the TPP limitations, the RTX 4090 D is likely to feature a cut down version of the AD102 GPU with fewer CUDA and Tensor cores. Potentially paired with slower memory bus, too. According to MEGAsizeGPU, the RTX 4090 D uses an AD102-250 GPU, instead of the AD102-300-A1 found on regular RTX 4090 cards. That said, CUDA core count, frequency, and VRAM are not confirmed yet.

This new version is expected to retail at the same MSRP of ¥12,999 (£1,451) in China. Boxes should clearly mention the new ‘D’ label, you would think.

Lastly, wccftech indicated that Nvidia is also working on multiple AI-specific GPUs for the Chinese market. These are scheduled to launch in early 2024 and should comply with the US export policies. It will be interesting to see if these limitations can be bypassed like the case of anti-crypto-mining LHR GPUs.