Nvidia’s unusual GeForce driver hotfix solves stuttering GPUs

An easy to install fix.

Nvidia has a fairly standard way of updating its GPUs, which is usually via its Game Ready drivers system. This is the notification that pops up to tell you you’ve forgotten to download the last three GeForce patches. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows being up to date, though, as some cause more issues than they’re worth. This very problem is why Team Green’s latest hotfix is a little different, although it’s easy enough to get.

Aptly named GeForce Hotfix Driver 551.46, the new release comes complete with a little blog post about the whole ordeal. It aims to fix micro-stuttering in games with V-Sync enabled and when web browsing. Specifically, Nvidia shines a spotlight on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Immortals of Aveum as two major beneficiaries.

It’s worth noting that “these Hotfix drivers are beta, optional and provided as-is. They are run through a much abbreviated QA process. The sole reason they exist is to get fixes out to you more quickly. The safest option is to wait for the next WHQL-certified driver. But we know that many of you are willing to try these out.”

It might be worth it depending on your situation, but download at your own risk. The hotfix likely won’t be any more trouble, but there’s a chance Nvidia hasn’t tested your config yet. If you deem it worth a shot, you can get it by visiting this page, as it’s not available on GeForce Experience yet. Just click the link near the bottom of the wall of text. You won’t find it as convenient as your usual means, but it’s just as simple if you follow the instructions.

No one wants the best graphics card just to muddle through issues. Still, we recommend waiting until the next official update, as Nvidia will have thoroughly tested it. If you’re struggling with stutters, you could also just try turning off V-Sync to see if that helps. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is swallow your visual pride and just lower the settings a bit. Should you take the leap of faith, though, Team Green wouldn’t put just any update out there lightly. It’s probably fine.