OneXPlayer X1 tries to be a Steam Deck, tablet, and laptop all at once

Can it really replace all these products?

OneXPlayer X1 in handheld mode.

OneXPlayer has announced its X1 3-in-1 machine featuring a large 10.95in screen. You can transform it on the fly to cover many needs while requiring less space in your backpack.

Powered by Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, the X1 aims to be all you want when you need it. You can use it as a tablet to draw, a laptop for work, or a handheld PC to game. The choice is yours.

It also comes with an AI acceleration engine, Windows face unlock, and a 2.5K 120Hz screen while weighing only 789g. For reference, Asus ROG Ally is the lightest at just 608g and Lenovo Legion Go is the chonkiest at 854g. Steam Deck OLED and LCD sit somewhere in the middle at 640g and 669g respectively.

Like Legion Go and Microsoft’s Surface Pro devices, the X1’s keyboard and controllers seem to attach magnetically. While convenient, OneXPlayer better bundle a bag or box for all of these parts. You just know at least one accessory will end up behind a couch, otherwise.

OneXPlayer X1 in laptop mode.

Since the brand is already familiar with handheld and laptop devices, chances are this product is going to be well-built. That said, more moving parts does mean more chance for failure.

You’ll want to shop carefully, particularly because this is a crowdfunded device over on Indiegogo. One-Netbook, the parent company behind OneXPlayer, is particularly comfortable here with many successful devices. That said, it doesn’t offer the best customer protections. You’re investing in an idea rather than buying a final product. Hiccups can get in the way of your receiving anything at all. We have faith that the brand is well-enough established at this point to fulfil orders or refunds, but you should proceed with caution. After all, we’ve seen other popular crowdfunded brands struggle with customer satisfaction.

OneXPlayer X1 in tablet mode.

Regarding performance, One-Netbook didn’t shed much light on its handheld mode. It did, however, hook the X1 to its OneXGPU dock using an OCulink connection. This delivers around 65fps in Cyberpunk 2077’s desert area at 1200p.

To get a better idea of the standalone device, just look over to MSI Claw. The handheld packs the same chip, reaching around 85fps in Forza Horizon 2 at 1080p medium in ETA PRIME’s tests. This is using XeSS Balanced to give it a helping hand, of course. Marvel’s Spider-Man hit a consistent 60fps at 1080p using low settings and XeSS Performance. And cranking up to 45W, you can get 112fps average in GTA 5 using normal settings at 1080p.

Anyway, if this OneXPlayer 3-in-1 handheld convinces you, the crowdfunding campaign opens on January 16.