Razer CEO warns of gaming laptop price increases

Indicates this will be a knock-on effect from "significant increases in component costs."

Razer Blade

Razer’s CEO, Mi-Liang Tan, has taken to Twitter to pre-warn gaming gear customers that next-generation gaming laptops will be impacted by “significant increases in component costs.” We are expecting most major systems makers to roll out refreshed performance laptop series early next year with the arrival of attractive new silicon from all key players – AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. For an idea of the mobile gaming powerhouses you might expect, at CES 2022 or thereabouts, check out our earlier story on the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 GX650.

Expensive components lead to price hikes

Gaming laptops increasing in price for the next gen isn’t really surprising, with the trajectory of the majority of the costlier components getting much more expensive (e.g. GPUs and DDR5 memory). It isn’t clear whether pricing uplifts will affect a whole series of laptops equally. Extrapolating the market’s direction, we would expect that entry-level gaming laptops would continue to be decent value though, with premium CPU/GPU/RAM designs bearing the brunt of the price increases. In other words, the gap in pricing between the cheapest and most expensive gaming laptops will be the most visible fallout here.

There are still several weeks to go before we will know much about what the next-gen laptops will offer, and what they will cost. Basically, we are expecting ADL-P to be an attractive step up for Intel laptops, AMD Ryzen 6000 won’t be as big a change but will still be welcome, and Nvidia‘s mobile refresh has potential but the green team still has to watch Ampere’s power vs. performance in these very thermally-constrained systems.

Likely everyone affected

If there is a glimmer of light in this story, it is that the next-gen gaming laptops will be very attractive, and their arrival will inspire stores to slash prices of current gaming laptop stocks. Additionally, owners of recent gaming laptops who like to be on the bleeding edge may sell off their “old” gear relatively cheaply. Looking around now, we can see some decent discounts on powerful current-gen gaming laptops that are perhaps going “stale.”

Last but not least, Razer’s CEO has flagged this upcoming price bump, but it is likely rivals will be affected by the very same price issues and will pass inflated costs onto consumers.