Rumoured Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 specs suggest big changes

Faster memory and considerably lower power, that's a nice combination.

Nvidia RTX 4000

Our favourite Nvidia spec-leaker, kopite7kimi, is at it again. Revising previous predictions on the prowess of Nvidia’s upcoming 40-series GPUs, it seems as if RTX 4080 continues to evolve over time.

Going back just over a month, the leaker suggested GeForce RTX 4080’s specifications have changed quite a bit – some for the better, some for worse – and we list the ones that have moved.

RTX 4080 (August 23)RTX 4080 (July 7)
Memory speed (Gbps)2321
Total card power (watts)340420

Latest prognostication intimates RTX 4080 will ship with 512 fewer cores, though no mention is made of any frequency changes. Counteracting some of that shortfall, the leaker reckons memory speed will be bumped up from 21Gbps to a lofty 23Gbps. Perhaps most importantly of all, total power board has been revised down from 420W to 340W – a 19 per cent reduction – which, if true, is a huge amount.

Assuming all leaks have an element of truth about them, and kopite7kimi has an excellent track record of being right, the upcoming Ada architecture’s yield has to be improving to enable still-considerable horsepower at a total board power of 340W. Remember this 80W reduction is even more impressive given that increasing the memory clock naturally adds additional power into the mix.

Whatever the true case may be, Nvidia’s Ada-powered GeForce RTX 40-series cannot be too far off.