Sony announces PlayStation Plus December games available on December 6

Get ready for some long gaming sessions.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Sony has revealed December’s PlayStation Plus Monthly Games featuring five titles for PlayStation 4 and 5.
From December 6, PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra, and Essential members can claim the following titles.

  • Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition on PS4 and PS5
  • Biomutant on PS4 and PS5
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS4

Additionally, this month, PlayStation Plus members can earn extra points for playing through PlayStation Stars loyalty program. You simply have to redeem, download, and play titles from the December Monthly Games line-up, to get 50 points.

PlayStation Plus December

It may seem like a slow start for this month when compared to November’s large catalogue, but don’t worry, because apart from the possibility of more games coming later down the line, Mass Effect Legendary Edition alone can take the entire month to finish, after which January offers should be available.

If you haven’t yet played this excellent trilogy, you are missing something. Yes, the first instalment is a bit rough around the edges with notably some outdated game mechanics, but the second half of the story, alongside all the choices available, makes it worth your time – especially when you know choices will impact the story of subsequent games.

For example, if a crew member dies at a certain point because of a choice you had to make, that character will not be available for the rest of the trilogy, and the same goes for your love interests. Many games could benefit greatly from such a system, allowing players to continue their story and feel as if each choice did matter.

If this sounds enticing, we remind you that PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium are priced at £6.99, £10.99, and £13.49 per month, respectively.