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Blizzard releases Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0c update with a horde of bug fixes

Diablo patch 1.1.0c now live ahead of Campfire Chat developer livestream.
Diablo IV Directors

No more nerfs! Diablo 4 director’s reflect on poorly-received 1.1.0 patch update

Blizzard directors apologise for poorly-received changes and promise to improve on the next Diablo 4 patch update.
Diablo IV Main

Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0 preps all systems for Season 1 launch while bringing hefty...

Bug fixes, improvements and some pretty hefty nerfs ahead of massive Season of the Malignant update.
Diablo 4 Classes

Blizzard seeks to rebalance character classes in first Diablo IV update

Blizzard nerfs Barbarians, buffs Necromancer classes ahead of official Diablo IV release.
Diablo IV - DirectStorage

Diablo IV may get Microsoft DirectStorage support for faster loading times

Data miners found DirectStorage 1.0 files inside Diablo IV game folder.
Diablo 4 feature

Diablo 4 gameplay leak reveals almost an hour of footage ahead of upcoming beta...

2023 action RPG gets a far more extensive alpha test leak featuring 43 minutes of gameplay.
Diablo 4 feature image

Diablo 4 alpha playtest footage finds its way on the web

Diablo 4 alpha footage includes screenshots and video recordings from Blizzard’s upcoming title.

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