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Blizzard releases Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0c update with a horde of bug fixes

Diablo patch 1.1.0c now live ahead of Campfire Chat developer livestream.
Diablo IV Directors

No more nerfs! Diablo 4 director’s reflect on poorly-received 1.1.0 patch update

Blizzard directors apologise for poorly-received changes and promise to improve on the next Diablo 4 patch update.
Diablo IV - Patch 1.0.3

Diablo IV patch 1.03 adds bug fixes, class buffs and a teleport feature all...

A boatload of welcome fixes, character buffs and increased experience await in Sanctuary.
Diablo 4 Classes

Blizzard seeks to rebalance character classes in first Diablo IV update

Blizzard nerfs Barbarians, buffs Necromancer classes ahead of official Diablo IV release.
Xbox Series X - Diablo IV bundle

Xbox Series X Diablo IV console bundle goes up for pre-order at £469

Price cuts on Microsoft's flagship console are few and far between, yet this is a good deal if you're gearing up for Diablo IV.
Diablo IV and RTX Bundle

Blizzard and Nvidia team up for Diablo IV RTX 40 Series bundle

Get Diablo IV alongside a bunch of in-game goodies when buying an RTX 40 Series GPU.
Diablo IV

You’ll need at least an RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT to play Diablo...

Set aside 90GB of SSD storage while you're at it, and stock up on memory as you'll want a minimum 32GB.

Much-anticipated Diablo 4 reaches gold status ahead of launch

Blizzard confirms Diablo 4 gold status 50 days before official launch.

Diablo 4 developers unveil hellish endgame content with over 120 dungeons to grind

Don't have a cow, Diablo 4 endgame content will keep you busy well beyond the main campaign.
Diablo IV - DirectStorage

Diablo IV may get Microsoft DirectStorage support for faster loading times

Data miners found DirectStorage 1.0 files inside Diablo IV game folder.
Diablo IV Open Beta Main

Blizzard shares in-depth Diablo IV open beta details including PC system requirements

More details emerge for Diablo IV, with Blizzard confirming ray tracing will be absent at launch and added at a later date.
Fractured Peaks Diablo IV

Diablo IV open beta kicks off next month on March 24

All the details revealed about Diablo IV's eagerly anticipated open beta.

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