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Table Tennis is the best Rockstar game you’ve never played.

Table Tennis is the best Rockstar game you’ve never played

A hidden gem in every sense, Rockstar Table Tennis is a 2006 game that's a whole lot of fun and more important than you ever realised.
The main character of GTA 6 sits in a car holding cash.

You might be waiting until 2026 to play GTA 6 on PC

It looks like Rockstar might repeat itself with a GTA 6 console release first and a lengthy wait for the PC version.
GTA 6 Trailer - Lucia and Jason in a Bonnie and Clyde styled robbery scene.

Every detail in the GTA 6 trailer revealed

Rockstar released the highly-anticipated GTA 6 trailer earlier than expected. Here's every single detail examined.
GTA VI Fan Art

GTA 6 trailer will celebrate 25 years of Rockstar in December

Rockstar is ready to announce the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, as a GTA 6 trailer debuts next month.

Rockstar acquires GTA V and RDR roleplaying mod-maker Cfx.re

Cfx.re, the maker behind popular roleplaying mods FiveM and RedM, is now officially part of the Rockstar family.
GTA V cover

Take Two CEO says GTA VI leak was terrible but won’t affect development window

Take Two publisher says expect no delays for GTA VI.
Grand Theft Auto

Huge amount of GTA 6 gameplay leaks online

A disgruntled Rockstar employee allegedly leaks over one hour of GTA VI early test footage online.
RDR 2 Feature

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets official AMD FSR 2.0 support and surprise update for...

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets support for FSR 2.0 alongside a list of quality-of-life updates and content for RDO.

Rockstar apologises for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy issues

If you bought this remaster collection, you will be eligible to the classic editions for free.

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