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Eero Max 7 triple Pack

Amazon’s Eero Max 7 router heralds a whole new level of fast with Wi-Fi...

Eero Max 7 explodes onto the scene featuring wholly-improved specs and support for 200 connected devices.

Netgear Orbi firmware update inadvertently locks users out of their £650 mesh router

Buggy update has since been pulled, and a factory reset may be needed to regain access.

Synology’s first Wi-Fi 6 router is the RT6600ax

Long overdue release touts "fast and secure connectivity" for the home or office.

Amazon’s Eero Pro 6E mesh routers offer Wi-Fi 6E for under $500

Eero Pro 6E aims to provide homes with the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available, while existing Eero 6 gets a price cut.

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