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Sonic The Hedgehog returns to his 2D platforming heritage with Sonic Superstars

Sega surprises at Summer Game Fest with return to classic 2D Sonic gameplay in Sonic Superstars.
Yuji Naka

Co-creator of beloved Sonic the Hedgehog arrested for alleged insider trading

Yuji Naka and two other co-conspirators arrested and charged for alleged insider trading.
Sonic x Higround Green Hill Zone Keyboard

Higround’s Sonic themed keyboards put Green Hill Zone at your fingertips

Form over function, any true Sega fan would love one of these, but probably not for typing on.

Experience four Sega Genesis classics with Sonic Origins

Take a nostalgia filled trip and experience what made Sega’s blue mascot the icon he is today.

Xbox and Sonic sweepstakes offer awesome custom console and bizarre furry controllers

Not sure about those joypads, though perhaps they'll keep your hands warm?

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