Higround’s Sonic themed keyboards put Green Hill Zone at your fingertips

You better know where each key is located.

Sonic x Higround Green Hill Zone Keyboard

PC accessory manufacturer Higround has announced a collaboration with Sega to release keyboards and keycaps inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and Dreamcast.

Joining Higround’s capsule collection, first we have the most striking and busy-looking of the bunch, where Sonic is running through a classic game level, collecting golden rings along his path. Built into a a smoked black translucent frame, you may be wondering why this keyboard does not have any inscriptions on it, except for the word ‘Higround’ on space bar.

Turns out the alphanumeric labels are still present, they just happen to be on the near side of each keycap so as not to spoil the artwork. You had better know your keyboard layout, and while I’m getting a headache just looking at it, I do appreciate the fact that Sonic is pictured on the S key. And please tell me that’s print screen fourth from the right on the top row.

Higround Sonic x Higround Green Hill Zone

Next, we have something for Sonic Adventure 2 fans, a keyboard showcasing a dual between Sonic and Shadow. On this version you will find our heroes’ representation on each half of the keyboard, in a yin-yang style. Letters engravings are once again on the keycap side, only this time the PgUp, PgDn column also has unique iconography for, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Tails, plus Cheese on the escape key.

Higround Sonic x Higround Adventure

Finally, the last will be more reserved for those nostalgic for the DreamCast, SEGA’s final home console. This design is simpler, you can see outlines of the Dreamcast console itself within the keys, with arrow keys highlighted using colours from the classic controller buttons.

Higround Sonic x Higround Dreamcast

Like many Higround keyboards, keycaps can be replaced with custom variants should you choose to do so down the line, or if you already have a similar 65 per cent sized keyboard. All three models connect via a detachable USB Type-C cable.

As Sonic keyboards, they had to be fast, therefore Higround favours a TTC Speed ​​​​Silver linear switch offering a 3.4mm total travel distance and 45g actuation force, with a 100-million click durability.

As for pricing, Higround asks for $145 on each model, but also offers keycaps alone for $60 if you are only interested in the style. A standard 104-key set is also available for $85, but no full-size keyboard is to be found. Note that sales are limited to two products per customer.