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Wi-Fi 7

Intel’s BE200 Series Wi-Fi 7 chipsets are primed for bandwidth-intensive tasks

Intel releases BE200 and BE202 Wi-Fi 7 chipsets for next-gen wireless connectivity.

Synology’s first Wi-Fi 6 router is the RT6600ax

Long overdue release touts "fast and secure connectivity" for the home or office.

Amazon’s Eero Pro 6E mesh routers offer Wi-Fi 6E for under $500

Eero Pro 6E aims to provide homes with the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available, while existing Eero 6 gets a price cut.
AMD MediaTek

AMD RZ600 Series Wi-Fi 6E brings faster connectivity to Ryzen PCs

AMD and MediaTek have been collaborating on products using the Filogic 330P chipset.

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