TeamGroup unveils T-Create Expert DDR5-6400 starting at $250 for 32GB CL40 kits

Nice -ooking, fast, and low-profile DIMMs.

TeamGroup T-Create Expert and T-Create Classic DDR5

TeamGroup is ready to launch T-Create Expert and T-Create Classic DDR5 memory for desktops and laptops, with speeds up to 6,400MT/s and in capacities up to 32GB per module.

TeamGroup continues enriching the T-Create DDR5 family of products with higher speed models, this time around adding 5,200MT/s and 5,600MT/s T-Create Classic in UDIMM and SODIMM formats, plus 6,000MT/s and 6,400MT/s UDIMMs. While these are far from being TeamGroup’s fastest memory – that spot is held by kits like T-Force Delta RGB –  they are more affordable, sitting right around the entry prices of its competition.

TeamGroup T-Create Expert DDR5

Starting at the top we find the Expert models featuring clocks up to 6,400MT/s with CL40-40-40-84 for the 2x16GB kits and CL34-44-44-84 for the 2x32GB kits. Yes, these are not the quickest modules on the market, but for mid-range machines, you’d rather save a couple of bucks in memory and put savings into important hardware like a CPU or GPU, and sometimes even a good-quality PSU. Don’t cheap out on PSUs, as it will end up costing you more in the end – trust me on this one.

TeamGroup T-Create Classic DDR5

If your workflow or games doesn’t take advantage of high-speed memory, you can opt instead for the T-Create Classic which is available in up to 6,000MT/s with CL48-48-48-96 timings for both 32GB and 64GB kits. A series that is also available for laptops in up to 5,600MT/s.

TeamGroup T-Create Classic SODIMM DDR5

Design-wise, the brand went for a clean and sober look, so no RGB or massive heatsink, combining style and usability. With their low-profile format, you don’t have to think about CPU cooler compatibility; just pick the kit you like and you are good to go. These should make for a perfect companion to Asus’s PROart series of motherboards.

For more detailed specs and pricing, check the table below:

NameSpeedTimingsCapacityVoltagePrice in USD
T-Create Expert6,400MT/sCL34-44-44-842x32GB1.45V499.99
T-Create Expert6,400MT/sCL40-40-40-842x16GB1.35V249.99
T-Create Expert6,000MT/sCL34-44-44-842x32GB1.3V399.99
T-Create Expert6,000MT/sCL38-38-38-782x16GB1.25V199.99
T-Create Classic6,000MT/sCL48-48-48-962x32GB1.1V399.99
T-Create Classic6,000MT/sCL48-48-48-962x16GB1.1V199.99
T-Create Classic5,600MT/sCL46-46-46-902x32GB1.1V359.99
T-Create Classic5,600MT/sCL46-46-46-902x16GB1.1V179.99
T-Create Classic SODIMM5,600MT/s2x32GB359.99
T-Create Classic SODIMM5,600MT/s2x16GB179.99
T-Create Classic SODIMM5,200MT/s2x32GB319.99
T-Create Classic SODIMM5,200MT/s2x16GB159.99

TeamGroup’s T-Create Expert and T-Create Classic DDR5 memory kits will be available in North America in early February 2023.