The analogue sensors on EVGA’s E1 Gaming PC look amazing

Who needs dust filtration when a PC looks this good?

EVGA doesn’t tend to do things by halves. The California-based manufacturer of enthusiast hardware has been turning out eye-catching gear since 1999, and its latest gaming rig, the EVGA E1, looks set to continue that tradition.

This open-air beauty employs a chassis finished with woven carbon fibre and suspends the hardware within using steel cables. It’s an effect that looks particularly swish in the promo shots, and EVGA reckons the frame is the lightest in its class at 1.25kg.

What’s really tickling our fancy is the inclusion of three analogue gauges providing temperature readings for GPU, CPU and one other source. How well they work remains to be seen, yet the gauges look utterly fantastic, and we’re quietly hoping EVGA will consider selling them as standalone accessories further down the line.

As for the build itself, EVGA hasn’t yet divulged much in the way of finer details. We know the rig takes advantage of the firm’s own Z690 Dark Kingpin motherboard, which we assume will be outfitted with a Core i9-12900K processor. Graphics look set to be provided by a liquid-cooled EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin, and a 1,600W EVGA Titanium power supply provides the juice.

There’s no mention of memory or storage specifications, and more importantly, no inkling of price. What we do know is that “the E1 will be extremely limited and available to EVGA Members only.”

In the meantime, check out the rendered video below to see how the case and gauges are expected to take shape.