The best way to show off your gaming PC is on a monitor stand

Better have a bottle of compressed air nearby.

A gaming PC on a monitor stand.

A Reddit user has modified a monitor stand to support an entire PC. Instead of buying a pre-made solution, thatguymatty288 created one for much cheaper. The result is nice, though dust may be a constant problem.

This build uses AMD’s Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor alongside Nvidia’s RTX 3080 GPU. The user has slapped two Lian Li daisy chainable fans on the graphics card, either to improve cooling or dampen acoustics. The CPU cooler was also modified with what looks like two Noctua fans on a Thermalright Phantom Spirit.

This combo sits on an ASRock X670E Steel Legend motherboard, which in turn is secured to a monitor stand. The PSU is located on the motherboard’s rear, with individually sleeved cables connecting both. This may be subjective, but I find the colour scheme very consistent in this build. I also love those tiny wireless antennas. That said, the PSU location may limit the possibility of rotating this build clockwise, as it would hit the stand’s leg.

Now, the elephant in the room is, as we all know, dust. Some time ago, I had an open bench-style PC, and I can tell you, it was a mess. You either have to clean it each month or give up and let it become a dust collector. And that was before I had pets. The worst part is dust accumulating between the fans and heatsinks, requiring at least a partial disassembly to clean. However, on the bright side, all the components are within reach if you like tinkering with your machine.

The modder said that after seeing how expensive similar solutions are, building one from scratch was the way to go. And the results are excellent; great job. As far as open bench-style PCs go, this one is among the most unique.