Thermalright launches Frozen Prism White Series AIO liquid coolers with ARGB lighting

Another choice for white builds.

Thermalright Frozen Prism White

Thermalright has announced Frozen Prism White Series AIO CPU liquid coolers featuring an all-around white style with some ARGB illumination.

The Frozen Prism White will be offered in two sizes; 360mm for best performance and 240mm for wider chassis compatibility. Both come with a 27mm-thick aluminium radiator and a 12V DC pump. Those looking for something smaller may have to go for a black Frozen Magic 120, since no 120mm Frozen Prism White has been announced.

Thermalright Frozen Prism White 360

Like the Frozen Prism Black series, these new coolers come with 25mm-thick TL-E12-S V2 fans, in white, capable of spinning up to 1,850RPM, which allows them to reach 70.4CFM of airflow and 2.64mmH₂O static pressure at 27dBA. They take power from 4-pin PWM connector alongside RGB control via 3-pin 5V headers. The pump, on the other hand, measures 61.7mm (W) x 61.7mm (D) x 53mm (H) and is rated for 3,300RPM max at 23dBA noise, also featuring ARGB on its cover.

Compatibility-wise, we have support for all recent platforms, to be exact, Intel’s LGA 1366/115X/1200/1700/2011/2011-3/2066 plus AMD’s AM4/AM5 sockets.

Thermalright Frozen Prism White 240

Apart from some light-blue accents on tubes terminations, the colour seems to be uniform on every component, from the radiator frame and fans to the tube sleeving and pump-block. Even the fin-stack is painted white, allowing this AIO to be installed in either push or pull configurations without having black or grey aluminium fins disturbing the build tone. Nice attention to detail.

Thermalright is yet to reveal pricing for these AIOs, though looking at the black variant, we can expect somewhere around $180 and $140 for the 360mm and 240mm, respectively.