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Thermalright Full Coper cooler, amidst reddish brown sand background.

Thermalright has a CPU cooler just for you, if copper is your theme

Thermalright embraces the full copper look with its dinky new AXP90-X53 Full Copper low-profile CPU cooler.
Thermalright TG and TP PSUs

Thermalright joins PSU market with TG and TP series offering up to 1,200W capacity

Thermalright releases TG and TP ATX 3.0 PSUs featuring 80 Plus Gold and Platinum certifications.
Thermalright Heilos Thermal Pad

Thermalright releases Heilos thermal pad for easy TIM reapplication on Intel and AMD CPUs

Thermalright makes PC maintenance easier for everyone with its CPU thermal pads.
Thermalright Assassin X 120 Plus V2 single-tower dual-fan CPU air cooler

Thermalright launches Assassin X 120 Plus V2 single-tower dual-fan CPU air cooler

Thermalright releases Assassin X 120 Plus V2 with four 6mm heatpipes.
Thermalright Frozen Prism White

Thermalright launches Frozen Prism White Series AIO liquid coolers with ARGB lighting

Thermalright Frozen Prism White AIOs are 27mm thick, available in 240 and 360mm formats.
Thermalright HR-10

Thermalright releases HR-10 M.2 SSD cooler for hot-running PCIe 5.0 drives

Denser fin stack and dual heat pipes take the thermal fight to next-gen SSDs.
Phantom Spirit 120 SE and Assassin X 90 SE

Thermalright cranks out Phantom Spirit 120 SE and Assassin X 90 SE CPU air...

Thermalright launches single- and dual-tower coolers with up to seven heatpipes and 1,500RPM fans.
Thermalright AM5 Secure Frame

Thermalright busts out AMD Ryzen 7000 Series AM5 socket frame

Thermalright is aiming to strengthen Ryzen 7000 installation with a 45g aluminium frame.

Thermalright announces AXP90-X53 Full Black low-profile CPU cooler

The AXP90-X53 is a new 92mm compact cooler from Thermalright, perfect for SFF builds.

Thermalright launches anti-bend frame for Intel 12th Gen desktop CPUs

Thermalright makes an anti-bending frame for Alder Lake processors.

Thermalright Burst Assassin 120 is a slim air cooler with big ambitions

A 120mm non-RGB fan on a slim heatsink from Thermalright.

Thermalright sets sights on next-gen SSDs with huge HR-09 2280 Pro M.2 heatsink

Overly concerned about SSD throttling? This purpose-built cooler could be just what you're looking for.

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