This tiny Asus ROG NUC PC wants to replace your game console

HTPC with gaming chops.

Asus ROG NUC standing.

What do you do once you’ve acquired the rights to Intel’s NUC mini-PC business? Launch a high-end gaming variant, of course.

That’s precisely what Asus has done with the aptly titled ROG NUC. Introduced at CES 2024, this rig isn’t quite as petite as an old-school NUC, but makes up for the extra girth with potent gaming-grade innards.

Asus ROG Nuc

Specifically, we’re talking an Intel Meteor Lake processor and dedicated GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics. A potent pairing for a compact PC, and Asus views the ROG NUC as an effective game console replacement.

Don’t expect game console prices, mind you. We’re told a Core i7/RTX 4060 Mobile configuration will set you back $1,800, while a Core i9/RTX 4070 Mobile setup will be priced in the low $2000s. Initial shipments are expected toward the end of March.

Having seen the ROG NUC in person, it’s a well-built piece of kit that would fit effortlessly into the living room environment. Users get a choice of horizontal or vertical placement – stand included – but it’s a shame the backlit logo on top doesn’t rotate.

Asus ROG Nuc

There are inevitably some upgradeability restrictions, too. Both the CPU and GPU are socketed mobile variants, however the two SO-DIMM DDR5 memory and three M.2 storage bays are accessible beneath a tool-free lid.

Stock memory speed is quoted as 5,600MT/s with up to 128GB capacity, and Asus reckons cooling capacity is sufficient to increase CPU and GPU TDP to 65W and 140W, respectively.

Asus ROG Nuc

In terms of connectivity, the front of the ROG NUC is home to a headphone jack, two USB ports and an SD card reader. Around back you have a further four USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, two DisplayPort and a connector for the external power supply.

Asus isn’t the first to try and perfect the living room gaming PC, and certainly won’t be the last, yet we’re intrigued to see how ROG NUC holds up during real-world use. We’ll find out in just a couple of months’ time.