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Asus ROG NUC standing.

This tiny Asus ROG NUC PC wants to replace your game console

The future of Intel's Next Unit of Computing looks wholly different in Asus's hands. But maybe for the better.
Intel Nuc mini-PCs sitting on a table next to a monitor and some peripherals

Intel quits NUC business and counts on partners to take over

Intel NUC 13 will be the last one produced, partners are invited to take over.
Intel NUC 13 Pro

Intel NUC 13 Pro chassis prototype shows updated design with more air circulation potential

Intel NUC 13 Pro will have a refreshed look with a lot of vents and 4x4in chassis.
Intel NUC 13 Extreme

The Intel NUC 13 Extreme kit promises blockbuster SFF performance

Intel releases NUC 13 Extreme supporting up to an i9-13900K, 64GB of DDR5, and a dedicated GPU of your choice.
Intel NUC 13 Extreme

Intel shows off NUC 13 Extreme Raptor Canyon PC with room for triple-slot graphics

Intel teases larger NUC 13 Extreme powered by Core i9 processor and GPU of your choice.

Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon pricing revealed

Intel Dragon Canyon NUC pricing revealed.

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