This YouTuber built a gaming PC that makes coffee

I'll take my coffee black, thanks.

Coffee making PC - Image: Nerdforge
Nerdforge's coffee making PC

YouTuber Nerdforge had the novel idea of incorporating a coffee machine into a custom loop gaming PC case. That’s ideal if you’ve ever been up during late-night sessions, as you don’t even have to walk down to the kitchen. In her own words, the task ahead was two-fold, to see if the process was possible and then to tidy things up; no easy feat when turning a Keurig into a gaming rig.

As seen in the video, Martina gave herself an additional challenge with her desire to install a fully manual coffee maker into the rig instead of a more convenient pod-based solution. That means a build that incorporates grinders as well as a boiling pot; the latter of which is cleverly forged in a custom loop. Smartly, a full-size “super” tower is used, in this case, the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D, which would later become heavily modified with a woodgrain finish, ideal for your everyday barista’s use. In fact, it looks a lot like it’s inspired by Fractal North, and we’re here for it.

Martina’s custom coffee-making computer – Source: YouTube

The blend of functionality and aesthetics comes together with the actual use of the coffee maker. That’s because a dedicated Arduino (a small motherboard system) was incorporated, and a screen was installed as well. Naturally, there’s even a string of sensors, which means that the coffee machine will only engage once there’s a coffee cup in the way. The worst-case scenario we can envision is a tap pouring out all over those vital components, so thankfully, having a cup sensor in place is certainly for the best.

What’s more, the hardware inside is no slouch either. That’s because the coffee computer runs an Intel Core i7-14700K, one of the best CPUs, alongside the RTX 4070 Ti, which is among the best graphics cards for the money. Said components are dwarfed by the gear inside the build, owing to the size of the PC case, and the front being removed to install the custom panel gives the rig a truly unique look. To function properly and prevent condensation build-up, the system remains open, too. All ready for a much-needed Espresso.

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