Where to buy Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super – stock and availability 

Hopefully there will be plenty of stock.

Where to buy Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super graphics cards.

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Team Green has finally released its brand new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super, and it’s comparatively packed to the brim with value. Gosh, we haven’t said that in a long time about an Nvidia graphics card, of all things. 

In our Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Super Founders Edition review, we call it “the best QHD graphics card on the market.” It helps that it keeps the same price as the original RTX 4070, while pushing the boat out with tweaked specs.

Naturally, partner cards will push this GPU to its absolute limit, flexing everything that it has with custom coolers. Some are still trickling out as pre-orders but most are now readily available. It’s safe to say this launch has gone so smoothly and it’s far better than 2020 and 2021. After all, there’s still stock to go around.

Whether you’re in the UK or the US, here’s where you can buy yours:


MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Super graphics card against its retail box.

MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Super Ventus 2X OC

“Discover the RTX AI advantage with MSI’s GeForce RTX 4070 Super graphics card; the next level in Nvidia’s graphics card arsenal.”

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Unlike Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super stock, there are plenty of RTX 4070 Supers to go around. Here are our top picks on Amazon, where you can benefit from a Prime Subscription:



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How much does Nvidia RTX 4070 Super cost?

Nvidia sets the recommended RTX 4070 Super MSRP at $599.99 / £579. This is actually the same price as the original RTX 4070, keeping costs low. Credit where it’s due, aftermarket vendors seem to match the price quite well compared to the usual mark-up. That said, you’ll see some expensive versions tack on the dollar signs if you want it in white or you fancy an overclocked model.

Thanks to us gathering all the prices in one place, we did notice some curious cases. B&H lists the overclocked version of an Asus card at the same price as the standard model. This could net you extra performance without putting more pressure on your wallet.

What are Nvidia RTX 4070 Super specs?

If you want the full rundown of where the RTX 4070 Super fits in with the rest of Nvidia’s latest series, you’re best heading over to our review. Here’s how it compares to the original RTX 4070 and 4070 Ti.

GeForce RTX4070 Ti4070
Launch dateJan 2023Jan 2024Apr 2023
Process (nm)444
Transistors (bn)35.835.835.8
Die size (mm2)294.5294.5294.5
SMs60 of 6056 of 6046 of 60
CUDA cores7,6807,1685,888
Boost clock (MHz)2,6102,4752,475
Peak FP32 TFLOPS40.13629.1
RT cores605646
RT TFLOPS92.782.167.4
Tensor cores240224184
Texture units240224184
Memory size (GB)121212
Memory bus (bits)192192192
Memory clock (Gbps)212121
Bandwidth (GB/s)504504504
L2 cache (MB)484836
PCIe interface4.0 x164.0 x164.0 x16
Power (watts)285220200
Founders EditionNoYesYes
Launch MSRP ($)799599599

As you’ll notice, it still has 12GB GDDR6X video memory as its brethren. Boost clocks also stay the same as the original RTX 4070. Everything else, however, comes in greater quantities. There are more SMs, CUDA cores, RT cores, tensor cores, texture units, and a bigger L2 cache. It’ll sip a little more power to compensate, but what’s 20W for the extra performance?

Should you buy Nvidia RTX 4070 Super?

Naturally, we miss the days where x70 Series cards swooped in at under $500. This is 2024, though, and our budgets have appropriately adjusted to compensate for rising prices. There’s no getting around that graphics cards are more expensive than they used to be. We can’t tell you whether RTX 4070 Super is in your price range.

Compared to the rest of the range, it’s one of the better Nvidia launches in recent years. For those that didn’t bite the shiny new apple, RTX 4070 Super offers a great way in to first-class ray tracing and DLSS 3. I usually recommend waiting at least two generations before upgrading, but the unmoved price point makes the 15% uplift over RTX 4070 a good proposition for even RTX 3000 owners. If you already own one of Nvidia or AMD’s latest cards, however, it might not offer much to warrant the cost.