You have 20 seconds to check out this Robocop gaming PC mod

You should probably surrender.

Robocop ED-209 gaming PC mod looks incredible standing upright.

Citizen, we bring exciting news thanks to the incredibly inventive PC modding community. Straight from Robocop, a custom builder has crammed a gaming PC inside ED-209. If you’re not familiar with it, that’s the big walking death machine that’s only weak to stairs. It’s a lot like the Daleks but with more guns and fewer Doctors interfering with things.

While this robot is terrifying for those on the same floor, the version we’re showing off is a bit cuter. Redditor RandomDesign posted a build they’ve created of ED-209 as a casemod. It’s an absolutely astounding bit of design that looks a lot more like an expensive figurine than a PC. But hey, that’s the magic of this kind of thing.

RandomDesign put together the system back in September last year. It created the PC for Nacon as part of the promotion cycle for the surprisingly good Robocop Rogue City. It mostly uses printed PLA and resin, but apparently, some details swap those out for a urethane resin as well. That all sounds very fancy, but the result is all that matters, and it looks awesome.

Its specs are pretty impressive, too. 32GB of DDR5 RAM, a 2TB Samsung SSD, an Intel I7-13700k CPU, an RTX 4070 Ti GPU, and a Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold PSU all sit under the hood. It doesn’t just look like it has a lot of power; it actually does. These stats would make many non-lethal PCs very jealous indeed.

This beasty goes a step beyond the best CPU cooler with an Alphacool closed loop. Although the machine stands tall, you won’t fit just any old components inside. The radiators aren’t your usual sizes, clocking in at 92mm for the main with two 50mm around the back. You can tell there’s a lot of thought in the rig, allowing the PC to look good while also being functional.

If you want to see more about the system, then good news: there’s a making-of video on YouTube. It’s a fascinating watch and a great way to spend your lunch. There’s also a dedicated website showing off everything in the maker’s portfolio. Not everyone’s going to be interested in the crunchier side of things, but we like it a lot. It’s always nice to see these PC artisans show off what they can do.